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, "Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama", we get this: Romney: I'm not gonna Enable this fight be dictated by information / I am prosperous!

, The Motherfucker declares that this is his superpower. Although he is grossly incompetent on his personal, he is so loaded he can use badass psychos to accomplish his soiled do the job for him.

someway bribe every one of the flight personel who may walk in on them throughout the Procedure. Saito reveals he were imagining forward: Saito: "I purchased the airline. [bewildered seems to be from your team] It appeared...neater."

: Previous to the start on the series, Vilano-san employed to operate with the then King of Sanvil by obtaining duels against anyone who wished to marry the King's daughter.

Also in exactly the same episode: Kaiba: I will hire some thugs to kidnap you now. I'm a billionaire, so no person will even visualize urgent expenses.

steals a espresso pot from a library for the reason that she thinks that very poor people Will not are entitled to espresso or tea, and takes advantage of exactly the same "logic" to steal roses from a flower shop.

, You may also utilize the bribe choice to bypass the disposition roulette mini sport; considering that This can be broadly viewed as a Scrappy Mechanic, It is really nicely value any funds grinding Which may be necessary.

C. Montgomery Burns, Springfield's resident centenarian and lone plutocrat, after experimented with to dam out the Sunlight in order to squeeze more money out in the townsfolk (given that he owns the city's only power corporation), shrugs off significant allegations and prices with dollars and bribes, but nevertheless indulges in that joyful pastime of thieving sweet from babies, with both disastrous results and hilarious effects.

, Star's dad and mom opt to enroll her in Marco's university. The principal initially refuses, so her father opens a upper body brimming with gold and jewels. He is a great deal more accommodating after that.

This has brought about prevalent speculation over the internet that the teen's abundant mothers and fathers may have bribed the judge as a way to make such a ludicrous defense do the job.

All the railroad field was owned with the Vanderbilts, considered one of whom allegedly stated "Public be damned!" They might organize their railroads based on whoever could offer check here you ample money, and will force rates up in a whim.

yet. In Rogue Trader, you happen to be one of many titular Traders, who purchase a allow penned by the emperor himself that allows him to ignore the most basic legislation of your Empire of Guy, leaving imperial Area, creating their unique kingdoms, and trading with xenos.

. They have Strexcorp Industries and happen to be mentioned to own a mansion (their lower-course "reverse doubles" turn out within their house and right away start yelling regarding how it's a mansion...accompanied by stealing every thing in sight).

Invoked heroically once more when he makes use of his funds to create a civil legislation division so his purchasers might have use of ideal legal help following their legal scenarios.

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